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Girls on the Run (3rd-5th graders)

Registration for the Fall 2024 season will open August 1! 
Please check back for updates regarding our fall season.  

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Important Dates

Important Dates - Fall Season 2024
Mother and daugther holding hands while running the 5K
  • Lottery Registration Period (lottery period): Aug 1-7
  • Registration temporarily closes (for lottery selection): Aug 8
  • Registration Re-Opens (first come, first served, until team is full): Aug 9
  • Season starts: Week of Sept 9, 2024
  • 5K Celebration: Saturday, Nov 9, 2024
  • Teams practice 2x/week for 90 minutues; days/times will vary
Mother and daugther holding hands while running the 5K

Fin-Aid - GOTR

Program Description

Meeting in small teams twice per week, trained volunteer coaches inspire 3rd-5th graders to build confidence and other important life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and physical activity. Lessons focus on building social, emotional and physical skills while encouraging healthy habits. 

Our research-based curriculum includes three parts:

  • Understanding ourselves
  • Valuing relationships and teamwork
  • Recognizing how we can shape the world at large

Each season comes to an end with a fun, non-competitive 5K (3.1 mile) event. This culmination gives participants a tangible sense of accomplishment and the confidence to be the author of her own story.


Reg fee - SHARED

Registration Fee

Building confidence and setting up a path for a healthy lifestyle is PRICELESS! However, there are real costs associated with operating a non-profit organization and delivering the Girls on the Run program to approximately 2,000 girls in the South Central WI area each year. The organizational cost to deliver a fun and powerful experience is well over $200 per participant. 

Thanks to generous donors, we make financial assistance available to everyone. $175 registration fee is the top tier in our sliding scale fee structure. The sliding scale offers three other tiers, down to $25.

Registration includes:

  • Lessons delivered 2x/week for 90 minutes, led by certified volunteer coaches
  • Our research based curriculum and detailed lesson plans
  • All facilitation supplies needed for fun and engaging lessons
  • Program T-shirt, water bottle, journal, markers/pen, and lap counters
  • Auto-Entry/registration for the celebratory 5K event (3.1 miles). Including: 5K bib/pins, finisher medal, finisher snack, professional event photos with free digital downloads
  • Unique program completion gifts (varies each season)
  • And so much more!
Fee Structure - Sliding Scale

We'd love to have your child involved, and we are committed to making programming accessible to all participants. Thanks to generous donors, we make financial assistance available to everyone. $175 registration fee is the top tier in our sliding scale fee structure. The sliding scale offers three other tiers, down to $25. 

The registration form will provide guidance to find the fee that is right for your family. To utilize the sliding scale, simply select the level that best fits your needs. Based on your selection, the corresponding registration fee will be applied at checkout. We do not verify income information. 

Household Income Guidelines Sliding Scale Fee 
Over $80,000 $175
$50,000 - $80,000 $110
$30,000 - $50,000 $65
under $30,000 $25


Additional financial assistance is available. Call 608-831-4687 or email for more information.

* Select sites are fully subsidized and no registration fee will be applied. No discount code is needed *

Program Policies

Attendance Policy

Consistent attendance is critically important to program efficacy, positive group dynamics and overall experience. Participants are expected to attend all scheduled sessions throughout the season, 2x/week. Participants are not allowed to attend only one session per week. Any participant who is absent for more than two (2) practices during a season may no longer be eligible to participate.

Respect Behavior Policy

Girls on the Run is committed to being an inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible organization. This commitment is critical to preventing all forms of bullying and harmful disruptive behavior. Every participant is expected to behave in a respectful manner towards their coaches and teammates. We reserve the right to remove from participation any individual who threatens the safety, health or well-being of another individual or who exhibits behavior that does not embody the mission, vision, values and our organizational commitment to IDEA.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Girls on the Run of SCWI will issue a refund for withdrawal up to the start of the first session. Processing fees will be retained. No refunds will be issues after the season starts. No refunds will be issued for participants who have been dismissed due to a violation of a policy. 

If a GOTR team is canceled for the season due to insufficient registration, inadequate coach support, or other extenuating circumstances, the registration fee will be refunded, excluding the processing fee.

Photo Release

As a required part of registration, parents/guardians sign the Program Waiver which includes consent to participate, release of liability, and photo release. Parents/guardians may submit a special request that photos of their child not be released as part of Girls on the Run. Submit requests to Executive Director,

Late Guardian Policy

Parents/Guardians/Authorized Individuals are expected to pick up their child(ren) on time, at the end of the scheduled practice. Ongoing tardiness will not be tolerated. On the first occurrence parent/guardian will be verbally reminded of the tardiness policy. The second time, a verbal reminder and written email acknowledgement of the policy will be issues. Upon the third instance, the child may no longer be able to participate in Girls on the Run. 

Transportation Policy & Release Procedures

Girls on the Run does not provide transportation to or from weekly sessions for individual/groups of participants. Parents/guardians are responsible for arranging/providing transportation for their child(ren) to and from lessons.

Participants may be released only to those people listed as parents/guardians, emergency contacts, or authorized individuals for the child. The identity of anyone picking up a program participant must be verified by photo ID at the start of every season before the child is released.

Program Volunteers (coaches) must not transport any participant outside of their immediate family, when acting in the role of a coach for Girls on the Run, unless the volunteer is listed as an Authorized Individual for that child. 

Girls on the Run will not release a child to proviate companies (e.g. Uber, Lyft, Taxi Cabs, etc.) unless the driver's name is listed as an Authorized Individual for that child.

Children may be designated a "walker" if the child's walking distance is 1.5 miles or less. Children whose walking destination is more than 1.5 miles away must be released to a Guardian or Authorized Individual.

Parents/Guardians can edit their child's Authorized Individual list by sending an email to Council Staff at least 24 hours before the child is to be released from the program, The identity of the new Authorized Individual will be verified via Photo ID prior to releasing the child.

5K Registration for Running Buddies

GOTR participants are encouraged (but not required) to have a Running Buddy at the culminating 5K (3.1 mile) event. Running Buddies can be a parent, relative, family friend, coach, who is at least 16 years old. While GOTR participants are automatically registered for the 5K, Running Buddies will need to register in a separate transaction. More information will be shared throughout the season.


My child isn't a big runner; is this program for them? OR My child is already a skilled runner. Is this program for them?

Yes! We are much more than a running program, and every participant can benefit from the experience of building confidence through accomplishment while participating in our rich, curriculum-based, age-appropriate, interactive lessons. Expect lots of games, talking, laughing and processing in addition to running at each practice. And know that when we say run, we mean run, walk, skip, roll or push, just as long as you are moving foward!

What does the program fee include?

Lessons delivered 2x/week for 90 minutes, led by trained and certified GOTR coaches
GOTR research-based curriculum and detailed lesson plans
All facilitation supplies needed for engaging and fun lessons
GOTR T-shirt, water bottle, journal, markers/pen, lap counters
Auot-Entry/registration for the 5K event (3.1 miles). Including: 5K bib/pins, finisher medal, finisher snack, professional event photos with free digital downloads
Unique program completion gifts (varies each season)
And so much more!

We can't afford the program registration fee, but our child would love to participate. How does the financial assistance program work?

Don't let cost stop you from participating! We are committed to making Girls on the Run accessible to all who want to particpate! Thanks to generous donors, financial assistance is available to any family who needs it, and we can also provide appropriate running shoes and attire if necessary. The online registration form will walk you our sliding scale fee structure.

Do kids need to attend both days each week in order to register?

Yes! Our attendance policy allows only 2 absences. Since most of our teams fill up quickly, if your child will be unable to attend all the sessions, please save room for someone who can, and consider joining us in a future season when they can enjoy the entire program.

What if our team fills up and more girls are interested in registering?

Long answer, see our Lottery FAQ document. Short answer, if your team is at capacity, a wait list will form. Girls on the Run program office manages the waitlist. Waitlisted kids will only be added to a team if a spot becomes available. At that time, GOTR will notify the parent/guardian and offer a spot. 

It is possible for a site to host multiple teams as long as there is adequate space to safely gather, and enough dedicated coaches to support each team.

What about kids who identify as non-binary, gender fluid/expansive?

Girls on the Run is an inclusive program where the dignity of every participant is respected, and all youth are safe. *Girls on the Run warmly welcomes the participation of any child who identifies as “girl”, non-binary, gender-fluid, or gender expansive in our programs. We strive to eliminate barriers to participation, to create programming that offers an inclusive experience for all. 

Is there a way for me to sponsor a participant for a season?

Yes! As a mission-driven 501(c)3, Girls on the Run relies on generous donors to provide financial assistance for families in need. Click here to donate.