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Lace up and join us - the benefits of a good shoe fitting

A photo of Jessica and Matt and family, owners of the local Fleet Feet stores

Fleet Feet is on a mission to empower the runner in everyone. One of the ways they do that is through their support of Girls on the Run South Central Wisconsin. 

running, walking, and triathlon specialty store serving communities throughout the country, Fleet Feet's Madison and Sun Prairie locations are locally owned by Matt and Jessica Anderson. We are thrilled to have them with us today as guest bloggers on the benefits of a proper shoe fitting!

Greetings from Fleet Feet! We are so excited for your child to start Girls on the Run.

In case you are new to running, we wanted to tell you more about the benefits of a shoe fitting for kids and adults before starting a fitness program and what you can expect to happen in one. We hope this information helps get you and your child off on the right foot!

Comfortable, well-fitting running shoes are so important to a person's comfort, form, and overall well-being as they engage in physical activity. To ensure you and your child have a successful Girls on the Run season, if it is possible for you, we encourage you to consider coming in for a walking or running shoe fitting in person at one of our shops. The experience usually takes about 20-35 minutes in total. It starts with an interview, so we can learn more about you and your child, and if you've had an previous experience participating in a 5K. 

Throughout the fitting, we will measure arch length, as well as the width, size, and volume of your feet to determine your athletic shoe size. Typically, walking and running shoes are larger than your sandals, boots, or everyday shoes. They also run small to size, so we want to make sure there is room for thicker socks in the winter, swelling feet in the warmer months, more space as you go up in distance, and room for kids to grow.

If we notice a discrepancy in foot size or arch height, your child has growing pains, or other aches and pains, we may recommend over-the-counter inserts. Running and walking shoes also come in neutral shoes, for those that have more stable feet and arches, as well as guidance and stability shoes for those that have more flexibility or overpronation when active. 

Ensuring the proper fit will help prevent injury, enhance comfort, and outfit the whole family for success! Accessories like socks, sports bras, and elastic shoelaces are also available at Fleet Feet. If you have questions, our knowledgeable staff would love to assist you. Congratulations on your participation in Girls on the Run's spring season. Happy training!

~Jessica & Matt

Please join Girls on the Run in shopping local and thanking Fleet Feet for all they do for the Girls on the Run community!  Shop the Madison and Sun Prairie Fleet Feet locations here. 

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